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E3 2013

Only 5 days till E3. I'm more excited for Sony's conference, since Nintendo will skip E3 this year. But I'll still watch the Nintendo Direct series Live. Microsoft in the other hand, I don't really care about them. They ruined it when they revealed the One. I'll just give out what I think about this year's E3.

First comes Nintendo. I was in complete awe when they announced that they'll be skipping E3 this year. No more Miyamoto with a Hylian shield. :( But when they said they'll be hosting a series of Nintendo Direct during the week of E3, I calmed a bit, but it won't be the same as E3. But hey, they'll show more info on the new Smash Bros, 3D Mario, MarioKart U, and possibly Zelda HD. So for Nintendo, it's going to be great!

Sony. I'm actually pretty excited for their conference. Since they only focused on the online features of the system during their revealed, but they did announced some games. Recently, it's rumored that Sony will announce 50 games on E3. That's pretty cool! Hope new IPs come. So for Sony, it's gonna be great!

Don't get me started with the Xbox One! It sucks. SUCKS! TV, Call of Duty, and sports. That's their ''revolution''. For E3, I think they'll focus more on those features I just mentioned, probably announce some games. But this is E3, not a TV conference! I want to play games on the One, not watching TV. I want to play a different game that is not Call of Duty. I rather play real sports than playing those stupid rehashed sports games. And especially I do not want to use that stupid, stalker gimmicky equipment Kinnect! It always have to be connected. Just... All I'm saying, Microsoft's conference will suck. I mean really suck. Like a piece of crap vomiting, then that vomit takes a crap, and it repeats. Nuff said.

Well, E3 is pretty much a lackster. No Nintendo at E3, Microsoft will suck. Sony will be the only one who will do better.

Job Ahoy!

Today I went to get a job application at many restaurants. First I went to McDonalds, they had no jobs. Then to Burger King, no jobs either. Whataburger was the only place that had many jobs open. When I steped inside, it was empty. Here in the city where I live RARELY go eat a Whataburger. They all mostly go eat at McDonalds, or Taco Bell.


Anyway, I stepped inside the restaurant, and it was empty. There were only 4 people working and some old couple eating there. I thought it was going to be an easy job! Not that many people eating there, less job I'll do, but still get paid! Sweet! So I got the application and head home.


I didn't have the time to fill it at home because I had church. But as soon I got home, I started to fill it out. It was kind of wierd. And couple of dumb questions. Here's one for example:

Q: Have you ever had a job?

A: No


Q: Did you work at this company? (not mentioning company. It's only for the city where I live.)

A: NO!


See, dumb questions. And it was kind of hard too. But my mom helped out. I'll turn it in tomorrow, and pray to God I'll get the job.

Finally Getting a Job

Well, this is it. I'll finally get my first job tomorrow. Gulp. I'm kind of nervous. I'm used to be on labor, playing video games. I'll do it for the Wii U. I know I'm under age... By 1 year! Good thing my mom gave me permission to work. According to state law, parents can give permission to 15 year old teens to work. So my mom let me. Yes!

My mom was worried about if I get declined at my job application. So she'll take me to Burger King, Whataburger, Mcdonald's, and Taco Bell, which those are the nearest places to work. *sighs*

I rather work at Jack in the Box, my favorite fast food restaurant. But it's too far away were I live. It's at the other side of the city. Oh well. Wish me luck on the applications, and I'll tell you everything tomorrow.

Summer Vacations

Well, it's bin exactly 11 days since school ended. And so far... it's crap. I already planned to get a summer job right after school ended. Sure it was tough to say goodbye to my friends, since we're moving on to high school. Thank God I'll see most of my friends next year.

Anyway, I want a summer job to get a Wii U along with New Super Mario Bros. U. I've heard rumours about Nintendo will announce new Wii U models during E3 this month. So if I do get the money, I'll wait till E3 and find out which model should I get.

So right now, I'm planning to work at Burger King, since it's right around the corner where I live. I could just walk to work instead of my mom driving me across the city to drop me off and pick me up. I wanted to work at GameStop hopefully getting some discounts. Or at Wal-Mart and work at the games isle. But who knows. Only God knows were will my first job be.


Welcome random people! This is my new blog. Right here, you'll see my opinions, thoughts, and other random stuff that nobody will probably care about. Anyway, hopefully you subscribe me. Let me introduce myself.


I'm Nintendude789. My real name is Jose. I'm 15 (soon to be 16 on July 23rd), and I love video games. Unfortunetly, I'm still single. Now don't go on the comments and say, ''You can go out with me!'' Or, ''Date me!'' Or other random GF request. I preffer going out with a REAL girl and not a virtual GF, or it might be a rapeist. 

I'm Christian, so God bless you all! If you have any questions about God, what do Christians do, etc. Just comment below, and I'll be more than happy to answer you.


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