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That moment...

Today's my sister's birthday, so my family went to "kind of" celebrated at my pastor's house, (yes, I'm Christian) and made grilled meat. Yum!

Then we went to a basketball game to see the pastor's son play. The game was BS. His team played amazing, but the other team cheated and the referees were going for them, so they give the pastor's son' team a crap load of fouls. -_-"  Unfortunately, he lost to those idiots. After that we went to eat ice cream.

Then we go back to my pastor's house to eat more meat. And we stayed there for almost 4 hours. Then we head back home... Well, that's what I thought.

We actually went to nearby mountains to dump my pastor's RV sewer. So we go there, walk around a bit while my pastor was dumping crap. But right behind us, there was a person stalking us, and called the police. We thought he was joking, but then we saw the lights. So we quickly ran back to the RV and flee! That was a close call! And made it home safely.

Overall, it was a fun day, and probably it's was better for my sis.

I'm Back!!

Finally! I got Internet back almost a year later after my last post. My family didn't want to pay for Internet because all they wanted to is watch TV, (local channels especially) which in my opinion, TV is dead to me since 2010.


So months passed on, my only Internet accsess was my school's Internet, which is not the best. First of all, they have Hatena blocked, so I couldn't write any posts in my Blog. Second of all, most websites I like to visit are blocked, like Hatena, (duh) YouTube, etc. All I could do is go on the eShop, and play online, which I rarely play online because I bearly have time for it.


Sure, I could've go on other accsess points, but again, I rarely go there. Even If I go to an Internet accsess point, I wouldn't have time for it. Crap.


Then more months later, my family's favorite channel was no longer a local channel and become a cable exclusive channel, so they went crazy, but then they had a backup plan: Renting movies. And God, it's awfull. They get one of the cheesiest movies I've ever seen. I remember seeing this movie trailer about Abraham Linclon attacking zombies. It was tittled Abraham Linclon vs Zombies. I think it's stupid. Or how about man eating sheeps? We rarely get comedy, or action movies combined, they mostly get horror movies that aren't scary at all. Overall, it was terrible.


Then later, they got board of renting movies, so we started to see out old movies we haven't seen in a long time, which is cool. But weeks later, we started to see them over and over and over till we completley got board of movies, so that was my chance to convince my parents that Internet was the way to go for entertaiment. It took me for a while because my sister, but I maneged to convince them! Thank God.


And now, here I am! Now I'm gonna write my daily posts again! 


I would give you guys my Nintendo Network ID for Miiverse, but I got permanetly banned, so you guys can't see my profile at all. Screw the Miiverse admins. Oh well, I'll have to wait till I get a Wii U to make an alternate account.


Anyway, that's it! Thank you for reading this! God bless you all, and happy gaming!

E3 2013

Only 5 days till E3. I'm more excited for Sony's conference, since Nintendo will skip E3 this year. But I'll still watch the Nintendo Direct series Live. Microsoft in the other hand, I don't really care about them. They ruined it when they revealed the One. I'll just give out what I think about this year's E3.

First comes Nintendo. I was in complete awe when they announced that they'll be skipping E3 this year. No more Miyamoto with a Hylian shield. :( But when they said they'll be hosting a series of Nintendo Direct during the week of E3, I calmed a bit, but it won't be the same as E3. But hey, they'll show more info on the new Smash Bros, 3D Mario, MarioKart U, and possibly Zelda HD. So for Nintendo, it's going to be great!

Sony. I'm actually pretty excited for their conference. Since they only focused on the online features of the system during their revealed, but they did announced some games. Recently, it's rumored that Sony will announce 50 games on E3. That's pretty cool! Hope new IPs come. So for Sony, it's gonna be great!

Don't get me started with the Xbox One! It sucks. SUCKS! TV, Call of Duty, and sports. That's their ''revolution''. For E3, I think they'll focus more on those features I just mentioned, probably announce some games. But this is E3, not a TV conference! I want to play games on the One, not watching TV. I want to play a different game that is not Call of Duty. I rather play real sports than playing those stupid rehashed sports games. And especially I do not want to use that stupid, stalker gimmicky equipment Kinnect! It always have to be connected. Just... All I'm saying, Microsoft's conference will suck. I mean really suck. Like a piece of crap vomiting, then that vomit takes a crap, and it repeats. Nuff said.

Well, E3 is pretty much a lackster. No Nintendo at E3, Microsoft will suck. Sony will be the only one who will do better.

Job Ahoy!

Today I went to get a job application at many restaurants. First I went to McDonalds, they had no jobs. Then to Burger King, no jobs either. Whataburger was the only place that had many jobs open. When I steped inside, it was empty. Here in the city where I live RARELY go eat a Whataburger. They all mostly go eat at McDonalds, or Taco Bell.


Anyway, I stepped inside the restaurant, and it was empty. There were only 4 people working and some old couple eating there. I thought it was going to be an easy job! Not that many people eating there, less job I'll do, but still get paid! Sweet! So I got the application and head home.


I didn't have the time to fill it at home because I had church. But as soon I got home, I started to fill it out. It was kind of wierd. And couple of dumb questions. Here's one for example:

Q: Have you ever had a job?

A: No


Q: Did you work at this company? (not mentioning company. It's only for the city where I live.)

A: NO!


See, dumb questions. And it was kind of hard too. But my mom helped out. I'll turn it in tomorrow, and pray to God I'll get the job.