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That moment...

Today's my sister's birthday, so my family went to "kind of" celebrated at my pastor's house, (yes, I'm Christian) and made grilled meat. Yum!

Then we went to a basketball game to see the pastor's son play. The game was BS. His team played amazing, but the other team cheated and the referees were going for them, so they give the pastor's son' team a crap load of fouls. -_-"  Unfortunately, he lost to those idiots. After that we went to eat ice cream.

Then we go back to my pastor's house to eat more meat. And we stayed there for almost 4 hours. Then we head back home... Well, that's what I thought.

We actually went to nearby mountains to dump my pastor's RV sewer. So we go there, walk around a bit while my pastor was dumping crap. But right behind us, there was a person stalking us, and called the police. We thought he was joking, but then we saw the lights. So we quickly ran back to the RV and flee! That was a close call! And made it home safely.

Overall, it was a fun day, and probably it's was better for my sis.