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I'm Back!!

Finally! I got Internet back almost a year later after my last post. My family didn't want to pay for Internet because all they wanted to is watch TV, (local channels especially) which in my opinion, TV is dead to me since 2010.


So months passed on, my only Internet accsess was my school's Internet, which is not the best. First of all, they have Hatena blocked, so I couldn't write any posts in my Blog. Second of all, most websites I like to visit are blocked, like Hatena, (duh) YouTube, etc. All I could do is go on the eShop, and play online, which I rarely play online because I bearly have time for it.


Sure, I could've go on other accsess points, but again, I rarely go there. Even If I go to an Internet accsess point, I wouldn't have time for it. Crap.


Then more months later, my family's favorite channel was no longer a local channel and become a cable exclusive channel, so they went crazy, but then they had a backup plan: Renting movies. And God, it's awfull. They get one of the cheesiest movies I've ever seen. I remember seeing this movie trailer about Abraham Linclon attacking zombies. It was tittled Abraham Linclon vs Zombies. I think it's stupid. Or how about man eating sheeps? We rarely get comedy, or action movies combined, they mostly get horror movies that aren't scary at all. Overall, it was terrible.


Then later, they got board of renting movies, so we started to see out old movies we haven't seen in a long time, which is cool. But weeks later, we started to see them over and over and over till we completley got board of movies, so that was my chance to convince my parents that Internet was the way to go for entertaiment. It took me for a while because my sister, but I maneged to convince them! Thank God.


And now, here I am! Now I'm gonna write my daily posts again! 


I would give you guys my Nintendo Network ID for Miiverse, but I got permanetly banned, so you guys can't see my profile at all. Screw the Miiverse admins. Oh well, I'll have to wait till I get a Wii U to make an alternate account.


Anyway, that's it! Thank you for reading this! God bless you all, and happy gaming!