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Job Ahoy!

Today I went to get a job application at many restaurants. First I went to McDonalds, they had no jobs. Then to Burger King, no jobs either. Whataburger was the only place that had many jobs open. When I steped inside, it was empty. Here in the city where I live RARELY go eat a Whataburger. They all mostly go eat at McDonalds, or Taco Bell.


Anyway, I stepped inside the restaurant, and it was empty. There were only 4 people working and some old couple eating there. I thought it was going to be an easy job! Not that many people eating there, less job I'll do, but still get paid! Sweet! So I got the application and head home.


I didn't have the time to fill it at home because I had church. But as soon I got home, I started to fill it out. It was kind of wierd. And couple of dumb questions. Here's one for example:

Q: Have you ever had a job?

A: No


Q: Did you work at this company? (not mentioning company. It's only for the city where I live.)

A: NO!


See, dumb questions. And it was kind of hard too. But my mom helped out. I'll turn it in tomorrow, and pray to God I'll get the job.