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Finally Getting a Job

Well, this is it. I'll finally get my first job tomorrow. Gulp. I'm kind of nervous. I'm used to be on labor, playing video games. I'll do it for the Wii U. I know I'm under age... By 1 year! Good thing my mom gave me permission to work. According to state law, parents can give permission to 15 year old teens to work. So my mom let me. Yes!

My mom was worried about if I get declined at my job application. So she'll take me to Burger King, Whataburger, Mcdonald's, and Taco Bell, which those are the nearest places to work. *sighs*

I rather work at Jack in the Box, my favorite fast food restaurant. But it's too far away were I live. It's at the other side of the city. Oh well. Wish me luck on the applications, and I'll tell you everything tomorrow.