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Summer Vacations

Well, it's bin exactly 11 days since school ended. And so far... it's crap. I already planned to get a summer job right after school ended. Sure it was tough to say goodbye to my friends, since we're moving on to high school. Thank God I'll see most of my friends next year.

Anyway, I want a summer job to get a Wii U along with New Super Mario Bros. U. I've heard rumours about Nintendo will announce new Wii U models during E3 this month. So if I do get the money, I'll wait till E3 and find out which model should I get.

So right now, I'm planning to work at Burger King, since it's right around the corner where I live. I could just walk to work instead of my mom driving me across the city to drop me off and pick me up. I wanted to work at GameStop hopefully getting some discounts. Or at Wal-Mart and work at the games isle. But who knows. Only God knows were will my first job be.