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Welcome random people! This is my new blog. Right here, you'll see my opinions, thoughts, and other random stuff that nobody will probably care about. Anyway, hopefully you subscribe me. Let me introduce myself.


I'm Nintendude789. My real name is Jose. I'm 15 (soon to be 16 on July 23rd), and I love video games. Unfortunetly, I'm still single. Now don't go on the comments and say, ''You can go out with me!'' Or, ''Date me!'' Or other random GF request. I preffer going out with a REAL girl and not a virtual GF, or it might be a rapeist. 

I'm Christian, so God bless you all! If you have any questions about God, what do Christians do, etc. Just comment below, and I'll be more than happy to answer you.


Well, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading this post. Hopefully you comment below and subscribe me. See ya!


BTW, I'm also on:


Username: Nin10dude789


I do have a 3DS and I will go on the new Hatena Community on Flipnote Studio 3D. If you want my FC, give me at lest 3 reasons why I should trust you, otherwise I'll decline your request, but I will appreciate it.


Also, I'll also make a new blog for my Flipnote 3D updates and other stuffs.


Ok, now for sure, that's all.